Rhino XR Studios Story

It all started when Co-Founder, Don LaPlume (who had launched an education and publishing company) was searching for solutions to help students to engage, learn and grow. During his search, a close friend and master VR experience creator, Robert Carlisle, introduced Don to the potential of VR for Education.

They created an XR, VR and AR platform which helps students learn faster, and retain more of the knowledge longer. They then transformed this system to empower non-profits and businesses to use the Rhino XR Studios Platform profitably and for the betterment of others.

This led to the creation of MegaVerus their proprietary metaverse solution.

MegaVerus – “The Great Positive” of the metaverse.


Donald W. LaPlume Jr.


President & CEO

New Hampshire USA

Launched his first company at 18. A serial entrepreneur with 17 years of C-Suite experience. Donald has built multiple sales teams in excess 7000 people on 6 continents. His last Tech Start-up produced over $4,100,000 in revenue year one with only a $200k seed investment.

He is also a sought after public speaker on the future and potential of VR along with mindset  & success.


Robert Carlisle


Chief Creative Officer

Oregon USA

Served 10 years with the Elite Army Airborne Rangers & Special Forces Group. He has more than 15 years as a food service professional with Mainline Distribution and as a Franchise Owner and Restaurant Operator in Hawaii.

5 plus years in commercial  Virtual Reality design and multiplatform development from learning spaces to VR real estate.


Ben Coker

Chief Operating Officer

Cheshire UK


Beverly Zeimet

Production Director

Wyoming USA


Dave McColl

Director of Social Media

Essex UK


Holly Holland

Director of Customer Support

Alberta, Canada


Jennifer Jerald

Director of Events Operations



Marvin Evans

Director of Internet Security



Mike Reed

Corporate Counsel



Rich Pulsifer

Chief Financial Officer

Massachusetts USA


Susan Kathleen

Director of Meta Education

Queensland, Australia


Tammy Boucher

Public Relations