Welcome to the Rhino XR Studios Wiki for MEGAVERUS…

…Businesses, Educators, Realtors, Live Events, exploring awesome DJ Lighting and controlling the experience atmosphere by using our Features.

This is a collaborative community website for in world use of MegaVerus spaces. MegaVerus is a stunningly beautiful, immersive multiplayer metaverse platform. MegaVerus is built for family friendly communities of Businesses & Education as well as DJs, Musicians, and users that want to mastermind while experiencing a virtual world that features customizable Dance Clubs, DJ controlled lights & visual effects along with DJ Equipment and Music Instruments where you can collaborate with others as you build and be at live dance sets.

MegaVerus Features

  • Customize Your Events
  • Live Streaming
  • Attend Business & Educational Events
  • Customize Your Avatar and Dances
  • Controllable Camera Angles
  • Tools to Stream Performances to Twitch and YouTube
  • Talk and Chat
  • Control DMX based DJ Lighting and Awesome Visual Effects
  • Play Virtual Music Instruments, Synthesizers and Loopers in the Game
  • Build Your Own Community Centered Around MegaVerus

Quick Basics

Stories – Some Examples of what People do in MegaVerus