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The Web3 Rhino

The future of the internet, technological Innovation and Privacy and Transparency. The world is changing before our eyes.

MegaVerus DAO

MegaVerus DAO is Live!

The MegaVerus DAO will be the governing authority of MegaVerus, Rhino Tokens and the Rhino NFT Platform.


Rhino Members have the most stake in the future of the Rhino Ecosystem and therefore every member will be a voting member of the DAO


All Rhino Members receive special perks that translate into real world benefits and encourage DAO participation


Rhino Ecosystem Components


We simplify the NFT Minting and Marketing process. Allowing free members to utilize our platform for easy Minting and Simple Distribution.

MegaVerus Metaverse Platform

The worlds first Family Friendly, Success Driven, Metaverse Platform built for Business and Education.

Personal Data Ownership

Privacy and the ability for each member & User to control their own data. Own their own data and profit from their own data should they choose.

Rhino AI

Artificial Intelligence used for good. Our AI project collects the knowledge and wisdom of those who have come before us along with contemporaries to help answer the many questions and challenges we face in life today.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are NFT with a functional and legal purpose. There is a growing list of municipalities accepting Smart Contracts as legal instruments, including Miami, FL accepting NFT Smart contracts for real estate property transfers. Faster, cheaper and Immutable.


Tokens, used for Collectors, Keys, Private Transfers and more. Most people think about tokens as a crypto currency, however, that is simply one use of block chain technology. Tokens have a  life well beyond currency. 

MegaVerus DAO

The MegaVerus DAO – The Decentralized  Authority Organization of the Rhino Ecosystem. Every MegaVerus land owner or 10 token minimum holder of the limited supply token MEGAVDAO is a voting member of the DAO. As we build out not only the full ecosystem but create a new world economy, the DAO will guide the Ecosystem in growth and fulfillment of purpose.


 Think about the internet, everything is run on central servers. If servers go down or get hacked, websites go down. Businesses stop functioning. Imagine having thousands and millions of blockchain nodes all holding a copy of the website’s information. Not only will the site not go down if its server goes down, but it can not be altered because every one of those block chain nodes is always verifying the integrity of the information.


DAPPS are just like mobile apps for almost everything you can think of. However, instead of being controlled from one central server they are decentralized on the coming Rhino Blockchain. Be sure to watch for more info on creating your own DAPP to run in the growing Rhino Ecosystem.