NFTs, Smart Contracts & Why They Matter E-Book


What are NFTs?
How Do They Work?
Why Does It Really Matters?
How Can I Benefit By Using Them?

Some of the many questions that are answered in this brand new E-Book by Web3 Thought Leader, Speaker and CEO Donald LaPlume.

What this book is about and what it’s not.

This book is written as a NFT and Smart contract primer. To break down and
answer the most often asked questions about NFTs and to address many of the
NFT myths. Once finished you will understand massively more about NFTs, why
they matter and how to benefit from the movement to functional NFTs. You will
understand much of the language and be conversationally fluent in NFT circles.
This book does not provide legal or investment advice and nothing in this book
should be taken as legal or investment advice. Please contact an attorney
accountant or other professionals for that advice.


This 37 page E-book takes you from not knowing what an NFT is to being conversationally fluent in NFTs. Written in clear language without all the technical jargon. You can read straight through this E-book or pick and choose the topics that most interest you.

Here is the list of section headings:

  1. What Are NFTs?
  2. How NFTs Work
  3. What Is The Difference
    Between NFTs & Other Digital
  4. How Can I Buy, Sell, Or Create
  5. What Are Some Of
    The Different
    Types Of NFTs?
  6. How Are NFTs Stored And
  7. What Is The Value Of An NFT?
  8. How Do I Know If
    An NFT Is
  9. What Are The Risks Of
    Investing In NFTs?
  10. Can NFTs Be Used For
    Copyright Infringement?
  11. What Are The Tax Implications
    Of Buying Or Selling NFTs?
  12. How Do I Know If An NFT Is A
    Good Investment?
  13. What Are The Environmental
    Implications Of NFTs?
  14. What Are Proof Of Work And
    Proof Of Stake Mechanisms?
  15. Rhino NFT Marketplace Uses
    Polygon Blockchain, Why?
  16. Can NFTs Be Used For Voting
    Or Governance?
  17. What Are The Most Expensive
    NFTs Ever Sold?
  18. How Can NFTs Be Used In The
    Music Industry?
  19. How Can NFTs Be Used In The
    Art World?
  20. How Can An NFT Be Used To
    Market Products?
  21. What Are The Newest Use
    Cases For NFTs?
  22. What is an NFT Ecosystem?
  23. Bonus – What Is The Blockchain?
  24. Bonus – How Secure Are Blockchains?
  25. Bonus – What Is A Cryptocurrency?
  26. Bonus – What Is Web3 or Web 3.0?
  27. Bonus – What Are dApps?

About the author

Donald W. LaPlume Jr. is the Co-Founder of Rhino XR
Studios and serves as it’s President & CEO. He is a
professional speaker and thought leader on Web3,
the metaverse, NFTs and Success. Donald’s focus is
to positively transform education globally through
Rhino XR Studios Web3 Ecosystem, NFTs and Rhino’s
MegaVerus Metaverse platform.


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