NFT Minting Membership – Basic



Join the Rhino Free Membership for NFT Minting. You mint your NFT’s and only pay the gas fee on the Polygon Blockchain. They will be placed in our NFT marketplace where you can list them for sale, show them off and accept offers. Be sure to read the NFT mint and sale details and Terms of Service. Be sure the content you are minting into  an NFT is your content and you have the legal right to mint the content.

You choose the quantity of each NFT you mint

You choose the sale price of your NFT – remember it is in MATIC tokens, not a fiat currency. When you sell the NFT the proceeds will post to you wallet and be searchable on both our site and for full transparency.

You dictate the terms / conditions listed in the NFT you mint

It is your NFT, and we hope you sell millions of them.

Since you will be minting on the Polygon blockchain though our platform, your gas fees will be very low. In most cases only 1 or 2 cents US.

Your NFT will be immediately placed into the Rhino NFT Marketplace for the world to view. While people can make offers to you to purchase your NFT, it will only be listed for sale with a buy button if you choose to list it for sale. You will have ownership of the NFT and should you decide to list the NFT for sale in our marketplace.

All NFT’s minted in the Rhino NFT Marketplace also get listed automatically on Openseas.

Rhino XR Studios, LLC does not charge any fees for you to mint with us on the basic membership. When an NFT sells there are 3 commissions generated:

  1. 5% is paid to Rhino XR Studios for the platform fee
  2. 15% is paid to the original minter as a royalty
  3. 80% is paid to the NFT owner who sells the NFT

Should the NFT sell through syndication with Openseas or another platform that platform may have their own fees. Please check with that platform as those fees are not Rhino Fees.

**** All fees apply to the first sale and all subsequent sales of the NFT(s) you sell on the Rhino NFT Marketplace.


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