VR Property Agent


Provides the training and tools to sell the very limited 1st city in MegaVerus.

Maximum of 500 promoters accepted. There will not be any more VR Property Agent positions available.

Earn Commissions on the Virtual Building Lots you sell.


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Exclusive, limited time opportunity to help build out the MegaVerse!

As Rhino XR Studios' Dev Team builds on the Tectonic Plates of the future Economy Driven Metaverse in what will be called MegaVerus, we are looking for the team to help release this new city. MegaVerus is approximately 25% of the size of New York City. There are a total of 125,000 virtual buildable lots which are going on sale officially 3/23/2022. There are also 125,000 green space lots which are not available for sale at this time. If you would like to be 1 of only 500 Megaverus VR Property Agents to help businesses and individuals become part of the new economy then join our team here.

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