M.A.A.S. for Creators and Professionals

$149.97 / month


M.A.A.S. is MegaVerus as a service. The metaverse is the next frontier bringing E-Commerce to Social V-Commerce!. M.A.A.S. the turn key platform designed to help you grow and truly scale your business globally. Members can visit, do business or study in MegaVerus on virtually and computer or device, yes even computers that are up to 10 years old. We know because we have tested it. All you need is a decent internet speed on a web enabled device and an updated browser. Please note, computers that no longer function properly or ones that have actually been used as boat anchors will not work on our platform. Even MegaVerus has its limits.

Some of the perks of the M.A.A.S – Business Scaling Membership include:

  1. 1. 20 hours per month experiencing Megaverus with others, doing business or having fun
    a. experiencing Megaverus with others, doing business or having fun
    b. creating & editing videos with ease and high speed
    c. your computer is now running on a high end cloud GPU (graphic processing unit)
    d. increase hour time as needed
    e. access to mastermind rooms, stages and more
    2. Come with 100 gigs of storage
    a. increase storage as needed
    b. no more ads interrupting your videos
    c. the system makes pirating a challenge
    d. great for recording: podcasts, tv shows, film, events, speakers, training, workshops
    e. generate NFT’s
    f. re-purpose events to run on auto pilot, generating an income
    g. unlimited ways to build residual income
    h. other tools to scale your business such as B.A.N.K. personality software to better know your
    business and your client or customer
    i. a language translation package is available as an add on giving you the opportunity to
    to communicate in any language around the world
    j. you will receive one full week free service when joining tonight
    k. as a member you will receive the ambassador program that includes ways to make residual
  2. Access from anywhere you have a decent internet connection and speed.
  3. A Full 20 hours per month of A high end graphics processing unit in the cloud so you don’t have to upgrade your old computer. This will make your video editing & rendering much faster if you are using a computer that was not built for video editing. (Should you have extreme needs for graphics processing let us know, we have add-ons which can increase your graphic processing power and paid for on a month to month basis for very high end CAD, architectural or graphic computational needs. When you need the power you have access but you only need to pay for the month in which it is provisioned and used.)
  4. Usage of a virtual meeting room, conference room, board room even a training area with a stage. Only pay a small fee per hour for your attendees through the MegaVerus ticketing system.
  5. Business Owner Benefits and Discounts from some of the best companies in the world. Potentially add more money to your bottom line every month, improve benefits and perks for your employees and even protect and grow your business with this ever growing stable of member benefits.
  6. Home & Family Benefits and Discounts. Save money every month, improve credit, eliminate debt, secure your families future and even get financial education and tools in this ever growing list of home and Family Benefits.
  7. Discover your personal B.A.N.K. code and learn how you can gain access to the same codes for your prospective clients. Even before you meet with them.

Soon to be released add-ons

  1. Additional Hours for your M.A.A.S. membership GPU system
  2. Full real Time, multi-person, voice to voice Translation system, Website translations in real time based on specific global regions to scale your business across the globe in over 100 different languages. Imagine hosting an event with 50people from all across the globe, all speaking a different language then you. You simply speak to them and they hear what you said in their language. When they respond to you in their  language you hear it in your language. Simple, accurate, and affordable. In the M.A.A.S. platform and remote as well.
  3. Many more options coming soon.


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