Fractional Virtual Land Purchase with Benefits

$150.00 / month for 24 months

Fractional Ownership of Virtual Land with benefits


  • Financial Benefits plan – individual & group plans for self, family, and employees. Just one of these benefits could save you more than your monthly subscription. (Available in the USA only, at this time)
  • Savings Benefits (Global and coming soon!)
  • Digital Business Card Benefit – Custom Digital Business Card for your business
  • Payment Credit Benefit – the full $150 monthly payment is applied to the balance of your virtual land purchase for 24 months. No pre-payment penalty. Once your land is paid in full you can choose to:
    • Launch a virtual school
    • Build an office or retail store
    • Create a digital twin of your business on your virtual land with full V-Commerce capabilities provided by Rhino XR Studios.
    • Rent your land to an individual or company looking for virtual presence
    • Sell it – It’s all up to you.
  • NFT Benefit – Receive an NFT of your virtual land lot, minted on an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain.
      • ·The virtual land lot, is a single lot, located in the Silver Region Business District of MegaVerus – designed for privacy and ease of use.
      • ·MegaVerus Governance Voting Rights Benefit – you receive one vote per lot owned.

Fractional Ownership of Virtual Land with benefits

Plan for the future of business in the metaverse with MegaVerus – The family friendly metaverse platform built for business & education! Start with your Virtual Land and Benefits


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