1 Day Pass – Weekend of Positivity – Desktop VR or Streaming Access


Special Discounted Early Bird Ticket. Access all 50 event speakers on main stage in VR. Includes the entire event except VIP. Along with private access to the entire events content on demand for 1 full year. Ticket is for Desktop VR or Streaming. This event is designed for Desktop VR. No Headset is required. While many computers will be able to download and run the VR event experience, we cannot be sure of your particular system. The client download will be sent to you 24 hours before the event. Please download and test early. If your computer has challenges running the desktop VR please use the Event Stream which will be available across many devices. We will also make the event recording available via web approximately 48 hours after event conclusion. So no worries if you miss part of the event due to scheduling or connectivity challenges. Since you have 3 ways to access all of the content, there are no refunds on tickets. Contests run during event for Virtual Land will apply to all ticket holders no matter how they access the event. Any person entering the virtual reality version of the event or using our chat system who attempts to disrupt the event will be removed from the event and will not receive a refund. They will still have access to the on demand web version upon its release.

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