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Kiosk Virtual Land Lot – AKA MegaVerus Digital Space


MegaVerus – The Great Positive!

The Family Friendly Metaverse Platform Built for Commerce and Education.

**Does not include asset protection. This is only available for full size lots not fractional lots.

This is a true fractional Virtual Land Purchase. While a full virtual lot also known as “digital space”, is approximately 1/4 acre, the fractional version is 1/10 that size and known as a Kiosk Lot. Designed for booths, kiosks, small experience builds, mini store and whatever your mind can dream up that fits on this Kiosk virtual land lot. Our goal was to eliminate the barrier to entry for someone wanting to launch their first business, school or experience.

 What can you do with a Kiosk lot?

You could:

  • Build a small retail space such as a kiosk on the digital space

  • Sell NFTs in high traffic area with an Octagon display

  • Use it for Marketing of a full lot or multi lot project/experience

  • Build a small podcast studio or live interview set

  • Hold it for the future and sell it to someone wanting to build larger buildings in the future

  • Start your foray into digital space one fractional lot at a time

  • So much more – really only limited to your imagination as to what you can do on a 1/10 virtual lot space inside of MegaVerus.

The Metaverse land grab has begun. Many people speculate on land in other platforms. Here, your land is built on the block chain and you don’t need to speculate because we have already started building out the infrastructure. Lock in your land ownership today before the prices rise further. Then start planning on what you would like to do to monetize your land. Yes, True V-Commerce is born and you can leapfrog over others competitors who don’t have the vision that you do! On October 1st, 2022, we launch the beta version of MegaVerus. All key infrastructure will be complete and our architects and development team will be building out retail spaces, office buildings, incredible experiences even our own of VRBNB for MegaVerus land owners. Building construction is performed in order of when you purchased your land. Early owners have buildings first. They also have their pick of the lots.

By the way, one of the biggest questions we get is, “Do we need a headset to enter the space?” The answer is no. We designed MegaVerus to be accessible by Windows computers and will soon add Macs as well. We started with windows based machines because they make up about 79% of the worlds computers.

***Virtual Land Lots are raw digital land lots in virtual reality. When your ready for your construction project you will have the option to build from our large list of turn key structures or come up with something completely different. We will be happy to build as contracted. Please note, the construction/building is a separate cost from that of the land. Just as in traditional real estate. Your land and your building will also be separate NFTs. So that you can sell or grant access separately should you choose.

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