TeenEagle - International English Language competition


TeenEagle is an International English Language competition for students 8- 18 years old. It challenges students, and gives the opportunity to showcase and improve their English skills by providing a variety of different resources and task. It's our immense pleasure to invite students to take in the TeenEagle competition, be it from the comfort of their home or in one of the world's most unique cities.

The competition is accredited and certified by Brooke House College, one of the top colleges in UK. Our staff members all looking forward to hosting future rounds around the world with friendly TeenEagle team. We aim to make this an educational fun and most of all , unforgettable experience for every student.

We look forward to see you compete.

Sanma Concept Solutions

Vision & Mission - To sow the seed of success in each and every one of our participants.



Mr.Ganesan Sivaperuman – MBA in Applied Finance and Investment (UKM) , BBA (UKM) Adv.Dip. Business Admin (ABE,UK)
Has passion for the growth of students , he has personally helped many students by merely giving right information in what they want. His 18 years experience both with children and in the finance industry has provided him vast knowledge of the needs of children and parents. He believes that , in order for a child to be successful in life , both parents and children need to synchronize at home.

MS.Rani Arumugam – B.A. Hons Social Science (USM)
Has a well-diversified knowledge in the training world. Certified professional trainer with 12 years experience in training. She has significantly changed many students lives through her dedicated work with students in her own tuition center. Being a counsellor for parents and students have given her plenty of exposure. Her inspirational training for students has lead them being successful in their physical , emotional and intellectual level.

To plant the seed of success in every individual’s mind; even a janitor’s child can be a millionaire if the proper seeds are planted in the child , and nurtured properly as the child grows up. Children are highly unique and precious in nature.Give them this priceless gift , out of love , without expecting anything in return. Plant the seed of success in their minds , right from birth. As parents, we always want the best for our children.But in our quest to give them the best “stuff” we always forget about the more important gifts we were supposed to give. Role model – By being a proper role model, we can guide our children to deal their feelings properly, especially through our words and actions.

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