Metaverse FAQs

There are so many questions people ask when they inquire about the metaverse and how it can be used for business, productivity, life and entertainment. We will post the most often asked questions with answers here. Got a question not answered below, reach ut to us we would love to hear from you and help you get all your metaverse questions answered.


Where is the Metaverse considered to be as far as what country it belongs to?

The metaverse is almost like it’s own country. It does not technically have national or geographic boundries as we think of them. It truley is a different reality. However, when it comes to accessing the metaverse and especially taxing the metaverse, countries, provinces, states and even municipalities do have a say. It often comes down to what is called “Nexus” where something begins, such as a transaction. If you are in a country that chooses to tax or restrict access to the metaverse you would be bound by that country or entity restrictions.


Can we have built a secure corporate space for our team to collaborate better while also working remote?

Yes you can. This is not available in all metaverse platforms. However, MegaVerus allows for corporate licensing of sections of our platform that can be hosted and run on seperate servers, even potentially servers on site with your company. Allowing for a true corporate intraverse.


Is there a maximum in terms of quantity that someone could buy inside MegaVerus?

Yes there is. The largest contiguous tract of land someone can buy inside MegaVerus is 1 city block. (250 buildable lots) This is because we have a governence system based on one vote per lot of land in the city. Arguably, the more land you own the more you would want to protect your investment. However, we believe in individuals and small family owned businessses and really want to help foster their success. By limiting the amount of land any one land owner can purchase in the city it allows for the votes of the single lot owners to be impactful and heard.


If I want to build a building in the Metaverse how long would that take?

Every platform/metaverse is different.  Metaverse platforms, like MegaVerus, are very realistic and include high levels of functionality and commerce. This requires a more extensive build. The time it can take is anywhere from 1 day for a standard home or small retail location with branding, clickable products for display and purchase all the way up to several months for large, highly customized, commercial experiences. Bottom line, depends on the customization needed and programming talent to create what you desire. The beautiful thing is it is a small fraction of what it would cost to build in the “real world” yet it can be even more powerful and never needs to be shut down to keep people safe. 


How would the client send the information to you securely?

We have secured file sharing systems and also meet with you in our Virtual Office in a secured space to facilitate the planning and building process your company needs.


Are there provisions in place for staged payments to purchase land and buildings?

Yes, there are. While our main land area in MegaVerus, known as our “Silver Lots” are some of the most cost effective virtual land lots on the market, we still want to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Please note, we do not do land loans. These are more like a virtual land  layaway. You would make a down payment for usually 25% of your virtual land purchase and then pay off the remainder over the next 10 months. Once the land is paid in full you will be able to build on that land and utilize. Very important to note, the down payment is not refundable. We are taking the land off the market and securing your ability to purchase the land at the market price when you made your down payment. Also, since this is not a loan there is no interest charged and no fees.

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