What is the Metaverse and How Will It Change Lives?

What is Virtual Land and Why Will It Become More Valuable Than Real World Land?

What is MegaVerus?

Exclusive Governance Token

Rhino Core Tokens are minted on the blockchain and limited in quantity. They serve 3 key purposes:

1. They Are Access & Governence Tokens which allow anyone owning at least 10 Rhino Core Tokens to build on your virtual land in MegaVerus.

2. They provide voting rights for the governance of MegaVerus. One vote per lot owned. The theory is that the more you own the more you have at stake.

3. Special Perks and Benefits are provided based on your tier level.


Future Proof Virtual Real Estate

In many platforms Virtual Real Estate is  guess work. Just like buying different forms of Crypotocurrency. The currencies that have staying power are those which have an economic base or purpose behind them. The metaverse is the same way.

MegaVerus Real Estate is based on a free market  economic model driven by new V-Commerce, Social Presence Retail, Education, Experience Based Entertainment  and Real; Estate. Take part in something bigger than all of us!


NFT and Smart Contract Ownership

Ownership is the basis of Real Estate profits in the real world. Ownership is also the Key to profits in the MetaVerse. All MegaVerus land is build on the blockchain so your ownership in the land is recorded in a Smart Contract & you always have the proof in your wallet. You are able to sell your land via the blockchain for whatever the market will bare. Not only that, your buildings you choose to purchase when buildout goes live on 10/1/22, will also be an NFT.  NFTs are minted via a SMART CONTRACT that assign ownership & manage the transferability of NFTs.

Time Value of Ownership

Be in the incubation period, visionaries, influencers, risk takers and opportunists. Ride the wave of the now. The Metaverse has become home to MEGAVERUS! The TIME IS NOW! Be in neighborhoods with the rich and famous. Pick your region, Silver, Gold or Diamond and build your business, your experience, your school or your dreams in virtual reality! 

How the Exclusive Limited Goverance Tokens Work to Create a Free and Equal Community.

John Lennon stated that “Imagine” is virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though he wasn’t a Communist and didn’t belong to any movement. Ono explained the idea behind the lyrics of the song, “[It’s] just what John believed: that we are all one country, one world, one people.” Our Token will allow people to be free & equal in our communities by their own voting power. No more relying on Government to decide for you. You have a choice!


Explore Together

8 Billion People on our Planet and Opportunities to own digital property like NYC, LA, London, British Columbia, Brisbane, Farm county, Vineyards, Mountainous and Tropical paradise islands are now possible, affordable and tangible.

Why Megaverus Will Lead the New Goldrush?

Megaverus is a leader, with integrity, drive and a plan in place. The community is
being built for neighborhoods, businesses, parks. all generating an e-commerce for
financial security and safety.

Megaverse Wide Social Governance by the People

For the people, by the people, with real people and governed by all. Our unique digital economy will keep our real world moving with much positivity and support by the communities built in each experience. Become an XR Ambassador and Creator!

Ease of Entry, Travel and bridging the metaverse

Enter into Megaverus with the click of a button. Travel by
Teleport from one destination to another with one click.
Megaverus makes it easy to bridge real life scenarios with virtual

Inclusive, Accessible Community Focused

MegaVerus is a private community designed for luxury, comfort, social
connections, global interactions, neighborhood businesses, community services,
entertainment, education or training classes, hiking, fireside chat, walk on the
beach and a whole lot more.

freedom to build brands & businesses YOU Own

Expose your brands and business globally. Unite with like-minded people around MegaVerus Communities. Network, build
friendships and grow together, anywhere.

The Megaverse with One United Economy & Educational System

The community that has a built in system with educational schools, training centers, retreat
centers, libraries, universities, schools for the arts all with an economy built for stability

Bridging Commerce from The Megaverse to Your IRL Home

Launch your V-Commerce store with local, national and International delivery.
Merging the best of both worlds, be in a safe environment and restoring the human connection.
Doing business globally from the comfort of your home. Network, share friendly conversations
over cup of coffee, a meal or attend a concert or have a friendly drink at the corner pub. All with
the click of a button, ordered and delivered right to your door

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