MegaVerus Virtual Land Map Layout

MegaVerus is a Family Friendly Commerce Driven Virtual Land. As a virtual land owner you can build a retail store, commercial office building, mansion, unique experience, event center and so much more. In fact, the only true limit is your imagination. If you can think it up you can have it built by our incredible team of developers at Rhino XR Studios.

These buildings and experiences are not just for show, they can be fully functional businesses where you can sell items, products services and more.

Just like land in the real world, You can buy and hold your virtual land. Selling it when the price goes higher due to demand. You can build structures on the land which are rentable or saleable.


Silver Lots

Silver lots make up the majority of MegaVerus. Designed as the business, education, real estate and genre areas.


Gold Lots

Gold Lots are the Islands & coast line of MegaVerus. Designed as ocean front properties, ports and waterfront experiences.


Diamond Lots

Diamond lots of Megaverus are where you will find very unique homes, gated communities & celebrity mansions.

Explore Together

8 Billion People on our Planet and Opportunities to own digital property like NYC, LA, London, British Columbia, Brisbane, Farm county, Vineyards, Mountainous and Tropical paradise islands are now possible, affordable and tangible.

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