Weekend of Positivity Experience Download is live!

Watch the video below for quick instructions and down load the Experience  using the download button next to the video. Also, feel free to download our avatar movement guide below.

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Rhino Office - 10/2/22

Navigation Guide for MegaVerus

Most people will be accessing MegaVerus on a desktop PC or Headset PC combination. So we made navigation simple.

  1. Hold down left mouse button and move mouse to turn. Hold down W button to walk or run.
  2. Want cool Emotes – here is the early release list for Beta Launch
  • Press 0 to Shuffle Dance
  • Press 1 to Wave Dance
  • Press 3 to Modern Dance
  • Press 4 to Wonder
  • Press 5 to Relax & Groove
  • Press 6 to Clap
  • Press 7 to Raise Your Hand
  • Press 8 to Bow
  • Press 9 to Wave
  • Press X to stop Emote

Metaverse Standards Forum

Rhino XR Studios believes in a unified Metaverse. While there is really only one metaverse their are a growing pool of metaverse platforms. Each offering a different twist on our digital future. The beauty of a metaverse that is interoperable is that you can move from...

Welcome to the Future of Education & Business!

The Future of Education is in Virtual Reality. LIXR which is a fusion of Lastng Impact Media and Rhino XR Studios has created an experience like no other. Mixing Courses and VR into one package to give you the tools to scale your business.Join Our NewsletterStay up to...