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  Now is the time to make a Lasting Impact.  Join our many Subscribers that share knowledge and experience between the Real World and Metaverse.

Bronze: XR/VR-Getting Started

– Access to LIXR Hub

– Participate in Events

– Complimentary Lasting Impact Core Curriculum – Life Track System®

Silver: XR/VR-Pro

– Includes Getting Started

– Branded Business Logo

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Gold: XR/VR-Elite

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– Customized World

– Marketing In All LIXR Worlds & Hub


Preparing Your Business For The Metaverse

Worlds Within Your Reach


3D virtual reality spaces will transform the way we live, work and collaborate.


How will Rhino XR Studios help achieve your goals faster?

What new opportunities will arise?
How will future companies present themselves in the Metaverse?

How to transition marketing strategies?


These are the kind of questions we get excited about at our LIXR Masterminds, where we share knowledge about extending the reality of the Next Generation.


” Let’s Build Together, Compelling Virtual Reality Consumer/Life Experiences. ” ~ DNAelite.

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 We enhance virtual worlds with features such as sound, vision, rendering optimizations and create immersive 3D experiences for real-world applications at scale.