Join The Team


 Rhino XR Studios is a web3/VR business in a box that has been specifically designed to help you succeed. As an X R Ambassador, you’ll have access to a dedicated studio to build and support your clients, meaning you can focus on driving new clients and building your business. That’s not all – Rhino XR Studios also provides a powerful CRM system that includes a client portals, advanced file exchange, client management, sales funnels, cloud based proposals, and more. You’ll have all the tools you need to manage your business effectively, without any added stress.

So, why become an ambassador with Rhino XR
Studios? The answer is simple – it’s an incredible
opportunity that could change your life. With a
powerful platform, dedicated support, and a long term business opportunity, you can build a
successful business and become a leader in the
web3 and metaverse space. Are you ready to join us?


But it doesn’t stop there. Rhino XR Studios also offers large ticket sales commissions on land, experiences, and buildings, as well as monthly residual income on recurring billing for projects with monthly fees and membership programs. This means you can build a sustainable business with a reliable income stream. And the best part? Rhino XR Studios is an early adopter in the web3 and metaverse space, which means you have a long-term business opportunity.


As if that’s not enough, Rhino XR Studios also offers a V-commerce site to help promote you and your web3 business, asset protection for land, buildings, and NFTs, and your own business space inside the MegaVerus metaverse. You’ll have early access to RCT and MEGR tokens, the ability to launch and sell collectors tokens, and usage of the MegaVerus
stage at no upfront cost and only a ticket rev share.