Honoring and Celebrtating Black History



Vonnie Bluu

R & B Artist out of Birminham, AL. A radio personality with www.420parentaladvisori.com where she has a radio show called “Rock The Streets”

Yellow Zoo


Natasha Mosley

Singer R & B

Yung LA

Hip/Hop & Singer R & B


4/16/22 – 4/17/22

Rhino XR

Nova Center


Attend live in Virtual Reality (On Desktop or in VR Goggles!) You can also join our exclusive stream if you are not yet ready to be in 2 places at once!

Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King Jr.

Frederick Douglass

Harriet Tubman

Thurgood Marshall


Accesing our Events in VR | Desktop

or stream

Our events are designed for full virtual reality, so that you can hang with friends, catch great artists or events and do it together.  We also said, there is no way one any government or pandemic is going to stop our time together.

In Virtual Reality

You can join us in a head set in full VR if you have one.

You can also access the VR Event Space on a PC. 

Live Stream

If your on an older PC we recommend the Live Stream. While you will not be in avatar yourself you will be blown away with the Rhino XR Studio’s Nova Center, the light show and all the avatars with amazing moves. Not to mention the incredible artists on stage.



This is a live event 4/16 and 4/17 with limited tickets, Get Yours NOW!








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