MegaVerus Metaverse Platform

MegaVerus – The worlds first and only, Family Friendly, Hyper-Realistic, Success Driven Metaverse Platform built for Business & Education.

Launch your business, school or experience in MegaVerus with our Done for You Build Outs and be up and running in no time. Clients enter your metaverse space directly from a doorway added to your current website and scale like you never thought possible.

Use the MegaVerus directory and Codex to promote your business. Be sure to connect with other complimentary organizations in your MegaVerus neighborhood to drive cross traffic to each other.

The Sky is no longer the limit. Now there is no limit to your potential growth.

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Rhino NFT Platform

We simplify NFT’s and provide free tools to mint your own.

Do you want to:

1. Mint NFTs

2. Buy or Sell NFTs

3. Create Smart Contracts

4. Promote your – 

  • Content
  • Memberships
  • Music
  • Art
  • 3D Designs and more!

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MegaVerus As A Service - M.A.A.S.

Creating and exploring in digital worlds requires high end graphic processing that most computers don’t have.

Our M.A.A.S. platform gives you the power you need all from your current computer!

1. Explore high end metaverse spaces like MegaVerus

2. Render digital Twins or real world architectural drawings

3. Edit and Render video faster than you ever have

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Stay Up to Date with the Latest

Virtual Reality Events, Podcasts, Leader Panel Discussions, Courses & much much more….


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